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Shivakumar Singani (ShivakumarS)
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Shivakumar Singani
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Posted: February 10, 2021
Last activity: March 11, 2021

Report Definition Warning on Parameters to use Null if empty


I see that there is a sever warning (Performance) getting added on report definition rules in Pega 8 when there is a filter which uses a dynamic value, either paramter or data page reference, and asking to select "Use null if empty" option.


Some of your filters are using a Page Reference with the "Use null if empty" option NOT selected. Please ensure that you do pass the Page Reference. Otherwise, the filter will be dropped entirely and execution of the report will result in very poor performance. If you do not want this behavior, select the "Use null if empty" option.


In many places we used the same report definition rule with different parameters to work differently to make the report definition more reusable.

For ex: if I have to show the user list of cases matching the criteria in a screen with the filters as Case ID and CustomerID. User will either enter customer id or case id or both and searches for cases.

For this we used to have a single data page with two parameters and the same will be passed to a single report definition rule.

But with this new warning introduced in Pega, we are forced to create multiple versions of the same rule with different parameters and configure multiple conditions in data page to refer these RDs to make sure the guardrail score is not impacted.

For me it looks like a limitation on reusability perspective but not sure why Pega added this warning.

Dropping the filter criteria when the dynamic value is there from long time. not sure what is changed around this in engine code with Pega 8.

Can anyone please share some details on how this is impacting the performance.


Thank you,



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