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Report Definition's generated query is not having row count even though “Maximum number of rows to retrieve” is set to a small num

We have a report definition with the setting “Maximum number of rows to retrieve” as 1000. The pxResults count is 1000 and we have 1000 results in memory/clipboard. But, the generated query monitored by DBAs doesn’t have the row limit count (they are expecting something like ‘fetch first 1000 rows only’ at the end of SQL query).

Environment: PRPC 7.1.8, App server: WAS, Databse: DB2

We have traced multiple Report Definitions, captured generated query in tracer, DBAs captured the queries at database end. Both the quires are same and do not have ‘fetch first 100 rows only’ at the end of query.

Can you please share your comments/experience, Does JDBC connection take care of stopping the query execution after receiving first 1000 records? If yes, what happens to the query execution at database side?


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Pega Platform 7.1.8 Reporting
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