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Report in Report Browser

Hi Team,

I have a case with multiple work parties like maker, checker and Relporting Manger (RM) who work on assignments configured ToWorkParty. I need to display the actual users who worked on the assignments on the report and display in Report Browser.

As we have enabled pxTrackStatuses Declare trigger I could find who worked on assignment based on the assignment.

Now for Each case I could see multiple records entries, So When I join It is giving multiple records and displaying on the report.

But my requirement is, I need to display one Work object at once and Workparties worked on the assignements.


id maker name checkername RMname case created date

C-1 Kiran Supervisor1 RM1 20191110 ...

Tried these approaches


I have written a control on the pzInsKey column which takes this parameter and fetches the user data based on the status of the assignement. But it is not working.

Approach 2:

1. Tried to display the custom section for the report. Created a grid of type (Index-TrackStatus) sourced with Data page by passing pzInsKey Of the current row. But this data page is fetching again work object information instead of Index-TrackStatus.

why it is taking the work object context? Have you ever faced this issue?

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