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Posted: September 22, 2016
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Report Scheduler - Send Notifications to the following users (row misplacement & missing trash icon)

On the Reports page, Report Schedule dialog seem to have some UI glitches that were discovered after an upgrade to Pega 7.2.1 (not sure how it was before). 
When you want to add a subscriber/user for the Report Notifications (Task Output Processing area) hitting “add a row” icon adds a row but it’s misplaced a lot (see doc attachment – screen 2 & 3). 
Consequently, adding more rows for the Notifications seem to have the same glitch (see doc attachment – screen 4). 
Finally, when you want to delete rows that were added you can observe that a trash icon appears only for the first row that was added automatically by the PRPC.
When a trash is clicked, both the row and icon are deleted and no other rows can be removed (see doc attachment – screen 5 & 6).
Main section rule-type involved: pyTaskOutputProcessing
You’d notice that rule has some warnings and updates that are to be done. Tried Updating controls and layouts but this seemed not to help at all (see doc attachment – screen 7). 

Tried to find similar problem on PDN with no success. 
This issue is not browser specific – tried on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Has anyone seen this behavior? 
Is there a workaround for this at all? 
Has anyone reported that to Pega support?

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