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Terence Yuen (TerenceY0215)
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Bank of Nova Scotia
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Bank of Nova Scotia
Posted: October 20, 2020
Last activity: November 17, 2020

Repository API - pyStream Property - Got InvalidJavaObjectClass Message

I am trying to build a Custom Repository with the 7.4+ Repository API.   I am calling a REST services that returns a application-octet stream.  With that, I have mapped the response to a property of Java Object type.

In the Response Data Transform ( of class Embed-Repository-File), I have something like the following:

.pyStream = @MyFunction(.mySourceJavaObjectProperty)


My Functions looks something like this:

byte[] byteArray = null; 

try {    byteArray =  (byte[]) object; } catch (Exception e)  {    byteArray =  ((String)object).getBytes(); } is = ( (new; return is;


With the line in the Data Transform, I was getting a warning message like this in the Tracer:




If I use the ClipboardPage putObject Engine API method, I won't get this warning.  


Is there something that I did wrong here?  I have already casted the object as an InputStream in the function.   Alternatively, is there a better way to create an InputStream object from a byte array?


I am on Pega 7.4.



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