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Posted: September 23, 2015
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Requestor Count is huge in Requestor Management of SMA


For a particular service package in our application, below are settings of the requestor pooling tab (This is stateless):

Max active requestors: 100

Max Idle requestors: 50

Idle Timeout: 10 seconds

I checked Requestor pooling under SMA and there most idle and most active both has value of 30, so it never really exceeded the limit as it seems.

Now, when I check Requestor Management under SMA, there are at any given point of time, we have more than 400 requestors present for this particular service related activity (We have only one service under this service package). I am not understanding how there can be 400 requestors for this service if the total max active has been limited to 100 already.

Is this going to impact overall performance or cause any memory issue? Is there any explanation behind such huge requestor count in requestor management? I have included screenshots of requestor management of SMA and requestor pooling tab of the service package. We are using PRPC 7.1.8 by the way.



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