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Requestor shown having system locks in All Locks page


I am finding in my production application where many users are logged in that few human requestors are showing up in All locks page in designer studio for a time period which exceeds the time till which their lock should be and should have been released but are not.

Have attached a screen shot for your help.

Could you let me know the following regarding this:

a) why the locks which are from pr_sys_locks table still showing as system locks even after their Lock expires time has exceeded ?

b) Does it mean then this human requestor still holds lock actually , if so are they holding locks on the database or just in their user session ?

c) Is there a way as a system admin that if i find that these locks are way old and have exceeded the lock expire time, for me to close these locks, either through designer studio or through updates on database tables ?

d) What is the setting in DSS that manages the lock expire time stamp particularly for a human requestor alone ?

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