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Requirement to show the CountDownTimer based on a Clipboard Property Value

Hello Team,

I have a Requirement where i need to show the CountDownTimer based on a Clipboard Property Value, i am making use of CTICallTimer section for Display and the code i have writeen in a section like this:

<pega:include name="CTICallTimer" type="Rule-HTML-Section">
<pega:param name="SLAClass" ref="pyWorkPage.pxObjClass"/>
<pega:param name="SLAName" value="pyWorkPage.pySLAName"/>
<pega:param name="Label" value='<%=tools.getLocalizedTextForString(".pyCaption","Exam Duration")%>'/>
<pega:param name="TimeStartProperties" value=".DateTimeval1,.pyWorkPage.pySLADeadline"/>
<pega:param name="TimeEndProperties" value=".pyResolvedTimeStamp"/>

But Still i am unable to see the CountDownTimer,it was Just Printing the Default time set for the CTICallTimer Section,PFA.Suggest me in how to provide Start and End Time values for this timer to work.

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