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REST Connector JSON properties mapping issue


   We are seeing this issue with JSON request and response properties not getting mapped with existing properties created in @baseClass in our application. We have a property BusinessLine created in Data- class and USCitizen created in @baseClass in an existing application long back. Now we are trying to consume a REST service which has both these properties in it's response JSON as businessLine and usCitizen. As, the case is not matching Pega is not copying the values. We tried to create these properties with matching case in REST Data class but Pega is not allowing us throwing the below error,


This record has 2 Errors in 2 places


A case mismatch has been found for this property: 'businessLine' doesn't match 'BusinessLine'


Definition required to confirm to Data-.BusinessLine instance created 20181213T073945.991 GMT.

Pega created the properties using qulaifiers with pzExternalName but still it's not working. This is stopping us without progressing further. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks you

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