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Posted: October 1, 2018
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REST Connector To Use Websphere Trust Store instead of provided Truststore file


In order to achive a successful SSL connection you have to provide target server's certificates within a truststore file to the connector definition. But this approach seems to be hard to maintain. Generally test and production enviroment certificates are different. You might provide two different connector rule definitions and achive them dynamically but this time you have to maintain certificate changes (valid through dates etc.). With this approach you can't get the benefit of using Websphere Application server's trusts store where system administrators will manage a single point in system and they don't have to deal with details of PEGA where they have no idea about it. So the question is : is it possible for PEGA to use Websphere Trust Store instead of providingTruststore file? I tried it several times but I couldn't manage to make it work without providing key store file.

The version of Pega PRPC is 7.1.3.

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