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REST services branch conflicts internal error 500

I am using REST services to perform branch operations using Jenkins by following ( ) this article.

I am able to successfully perform the following operations:

1. Get Reviews for Branch

2. Get Branch Summary

3. Create Branch Review

I am facing issue while trying to Get Branch Conflicts.

Jenkins Build log is:

HttpMethod: GET
Sending request to url: http://

Response Code: HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
ERROR: Build step failed with exception
hudson.AbortException: Fail: the returned code 500 is not in the accepted range: [[100‥399]]

I have also updated the pySetVersionPasswordDefaultsparams using this link ( ). and still could not get it to work.

The API is working from the Pega simulation and gives the response code 200.

See the image attached.

What could be the possible issue here? Please help. TIA!

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