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Grant Thompson (grant@VA)
Favor TechConsulting LLC
Grant Thompson
Favor TechConsulting LLC
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Favor TechConsulting LLC
Posted: October 27, 2020
Last activity: October 27, 2020

Restart stage-level SLA in bulk

I have a requirement that, at the turn of the pay period, we need to collect all open cases, update the SLA goal/deadline datetimes, and start the SLA again. This SLA is set at the stage level.

We already have jobs scheduled to run at the time we need this process to occur, and my thought is just to write an activity to be called when the appropriate job runs. In this activity I imagine I will use the Obj-Open-By-Handle method to open the work object and check its status to determine if its SLA needs to be restarted. I'm not too sure how to proceed beyond this point. I see there are a number of OOTB activities and flow actions for manipulating an existing SLA. Does anyone happen to know which one of these might be appropriate for my use case?

Thanks in advance,


Pega Platform 8.2.3 Case Management Government System Architect