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Retaining filter properties in a grid even after refresh

We have an use-case in our application.


1. In the Home Page we have a grid

2. User selects some filtering options in the grid and clicks on a particular item in the grid.

3. By clicking on the item, it will land in the work object of that item (which is in a different tab)

4. User performs some action on the work object and goes back to home grid (which is in a different tab)

5. Now we want the Grid to be refreshed. Since the work object status might be resolved and it has to be reflected as resolved.

6. But we want the earlier selected filtering options to be persisted in the Grid. Since if we don't persist the filtering option, the grid will show all the hundreds of items again and user has to select all the filters again.

Please suggest a solution.

Thanks in advance!

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