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Posted: January 14, 2021
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Retrieve id token and access token from Open ID authentication

In our current application we are using SAML for sso we are trying to switch to OAuth OpenID.

Everything is done and the user can now authenticate with Azure and login to the system.

  • Create New Auth Service
  • Fill the needed end points
  • Add the KeyStore and set the issuer
  • Set the properties needed from the token for ID Token Processing 


Output from the logs: 

  • Processing authorization code recieved from OIDC provider 
  • StateParam Validation is successful
  • Fetching access token using authCode received  
  • Invoking access token endpoint: --> Request
  • Response Details: access_token = ********* , scope =  , id_token = , etc.
  • Creating access token page for Client ID
  • Successfully fetched access token and ID token using authCode
  • Validating ID token received from access token end point
  • JWT is signed
  • Successfully validated ID  token with standard claims
  • Fetch Operator
  • trying to fetch operator from DB
  • Successfully established operator from received ID token claims

However we are trying to get the Access Token and the ID Token to use it for communication with other systems.

In the logs we managed to see the Token ID in the OIDCClientHandler logger, but the Access Token is shown as ***** when enabling the debug mode on client.oauth2.OAuth2ClientImpl.

Nevertheless we couldn't find anything related to the retrieval of the Token from the Authentication service to the Clipboard.

Anyone have any input on how to get this token that was printed in the log?


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