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Retrieve a JSON response and use it as a REST request body


I need to create a REST Connector "GetJSON" with a GET method. It will return a JSON.
Then I should retrieve this JSON and put it as Request body JSON for another REST connector "CreateCM" that uses a POST method.

Normally, when I have JSON response, it is to later use the properties generated, which is automatically done with Pega.
And if we need a JSON as a request body, then we attach a json file in the creation of the connector: in the Rest connector wizard. And the properties we want are also automatically generated.
But, in this case, it is different, because I need the response of "GetJSON" connector to be the request body of "CreateCM" connector; which means I didn't attach the file at the beginning while using the Rest connector wizard.

How can I implement this use case?

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