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Revalidate of rules to ensure they work properly

Hi All,

I have a question around revalidating specific rules after a major release. In our application we listed few set of rules that has to be revalidated in higher environments after every major release. Certain rules like Declare on Change, Declare Trigger, DB Table etc.,

We recently faced an issue after we performed a major release into pre prod Env. We performed revalidation for certain list of rules as we do always. But while Testing team has performed automation testing, there is an error that effected performance of a screen.

When we are debugging,it was identified that one section is having issue while refresh is done on change of a field .This section is having a field which has a when rule which is not loading properly after refresh of the section. The class and context of the section and when rule defined inside the section is same and should be picked in rule resolution hierarchy.

When we cannot find any issue around the rules, we did revalidate and save of that particular when rule as a last work around which unexpectedly resolved the issue.

This raised some queries around what type of rules should be considered for revalidation after any major release? Is it really the actual task that should be carried out which can resolve potential issues like this?

Please help me with some inputs.

Thank you!


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