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Posted: May 19, 2021
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Posted: 19 May 2021 2:35 EDT
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Review harness not opening in new window in user portal

Hello everyone!

We have a requirement that during the creation of a case to be able to serach and link previous cases to the actual one. This is done by an utocomplete that is searching case ID's for now. The user would like to open the selected case to review it so to make sure that the correct case is attached. For this I have created a button that on the click will perform the Harness action. I am using a step page that is populated with a Data Transform using the OOTB Data Page Lookup to find the case with the selected ID.

When clicking the button while creating a case from the DEV portal, everything is fine and the Review harness of the selected case is opening in a new window as expected.

But when we create a case in the User portal on the button click the Review harness is opening in the new window showing only a link to the case. When clicking the link the case is opening in the main window behind the create modal.

In both cases the step page is populated correctely and also when checking with the Live UI it seems that the same Review harness (OOTB, not modified) is opened in both cases, so we really were not able to find the cause of this different behaviour.

Thanks for Your cooperation

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