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shashidhar middela (shashidharm9488)

shashidharm9488 Member since 2019 9 posts
Posted: August 3, 2020
Last activity: August 4, 2020

Robot Activity - Error Completing Automation

We have a parent case that creates 2 child cases and then waits for them to complete before resolving.

Each child case, goes through several RPA robot queues (sequential, NOT parallel) before resolving.

Today, in the runtime log, we saw this error (cleaned up for visibility) for the first time:

RoboticsApiHelper.SendCaseResult - Send case result failed. Case completion status: 'Completed'. Error requesting data from Pega. https://<OUR API PATH AND KEY TO THE CASE>?actionID=pyCompleteAutomation Code: 423 Pega_API_031 The resource that is being accessed is locked. Today we tried executing this with 2 bots running in the workgroup (expecting each both to grab a child case).  I suspect that may be the cause, but am not sure.  This worked a couple times, but then threw this error; so it seems intermittent. 

The bots would each be accessing a different case (with the same parent case).  So I'm not sure why it would cause the resource to be locked, but could this cause this error?  Is there any way to handle this kind of scenario?  Are there other potential causes for this error? 

Any help would be appreciated.

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Pega Platform 8.4 Case Management Robotic Process Automation