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Robotic Solution Deployment into Pega Platform DEV , TEST , PROD environments

Dear Pega Colleagues,

currently we are facing an issue how to deploy our Robotic Solution into PROD Pega Platform.

our infrastructure looks like this:

Robot DEV VM connected to DEV Pega Platform

Robot TEST VM connected to TEST Pega Platform

Robot HOTFIX VM connected to HOTFIX Pega Platform

2x Robot PROD VMs connected to PROD Pega Platform

IN DEV and TEST VMs we have installed Pega Robotic Studio and Package servers.

IN HOTFIX and PROD VMs we have installed Pega Robotic Runtime

VMs are not interconnected so I cannot set in runtimeconfig.xml in PROD environment

<PackageServer baseUrl="http://IPAddressOfDEVVM:5000" /> - connection is not there. to any VM.

The Pega Platform environments are also not connected, so I will not be able to see in PROD the packages from DEV or TEST.

What is please the best practice to make pass our packages through different environment of Peg Platform Robot Manager ?



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Pega Platform Robotic Process Automation
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