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Posted: April 11, 2019
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Robotic studio SP1 crashes

I had installed Pega Robotics studio version 8.0.2023 and it was crashing and not building my automation, complaining about OSD.exe, OSC.exe or csc.exe.

Also, when i tried to save some file, the studio just freeze and i have to kill the process and reopen Pega robotics studio to continue my work. It also send a message to windows system.

Then i updated again to 8.0.2026 version, and it looks like the issue was fixed, but i was wrong. In the next day i started to face the same issues i faced before.

I use 8.0.1094 but i had to update because of the 1809 windows build that not allowed me to start my adapters.

Does anyone have a solution?

The prints are attached to this post.

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