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Tarun Kumar Reddy Bolla (Tarun Bolla)

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Posted: March 16, 2018
Last activity: November 6, 2018

Robotics [RDA] - Creating an XML document by scraping a website

Hi all,

I am trying to scrape a website which has a list of address cards. After the scraping is done, I need to send the data over to PEGA where I can parse it and display on UI. I would like to have the data transfer format as XML. So, I have tried 2 options

  1. Append all those string using some delimiters and later call a C# script component to parse that and build XML
  2. Use XML Builder [something like XMLDocumentComponent] to do the same.
    1. This would eliminate custom coding in favor of standards but I could not figure how to build the XML.
    2. I have tried using a Schema Provider on the XML component so that a proper structure will be defined before I start using it
    3. Then, using Create.Type method, I tried creating a child node for each address (from ListLoop component)
    4. Finally, I have tried reading the OuterXML but got nothing

Even though point 1 worked for now, I would really want that custom code to be eliminated if point 2 works. Please suggest...

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