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Posted: October 17, 2017
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Robotics Studio field list only includes OOTB properties

When working with Pega Robotics Studio after creating a Robot activity within my global container and providing the class name (i.e, xxx-yyy-Work-MyClass), I am able to select from 8 out of the box properties as shown in the attached image (Case ID, Label, etc...). I have defined several other properties via the case designer for this class, but I am unable to view them from pega robotics studio.

In pega server, navigating to Designer Studio > Application > Inventory > Relevant Records and entering my class name xxx-yyy-Work-MyClass, I can see both out of the box properties as well as the ones I defined in the case designer.

Manually browsing to http://<myHostName>/prweb/api/v1/data/D_pxRuleResolvedRelevantRecords?ContextClass=<xxx-yyy-Work-MyClass>&RecordType=Rule-Obj-Property only yields the same 8 out of the box properties as described above (as expected, since this is means by which robotics studio also pulls these records). However, if I instead reference the D_pxRelevantRecords data page in the url (http://<myHostName>/prweb/api/v1/data/D_pxRelevantRecords?ContextClass=<xxx-yyy-Work-MyClass>&RecordType=Rule-Obj-Property) Then I can see the fields I have defined specific to my case.

Is there any way to get Robotics studio to reference the second data page D_pxRelevantRecords? Or, more ideally, any way to modify my custom defined properties to so that they appear within the D_pxRuleResolvedRelevantRecords data page and in turn appear within robotics studio?

D_pxRuleResolvedRelevantRecords is defined in the Pega-Desktop:07-10-23 ruleset and sourced from the activity pxLoadRuleResolvedRelevantRecords. I am using Pega 7.2.2 and Robotics Studio 8.0.1045.0 (downloaded from academy training course).

Thanks in advance!

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