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Robotics Studio Installation Failure - Server 2012 R2


When I try to install Robotics Studio on the client's Windows Server 2012 R2 cloud instance, I get the following error:

Product: OpenSpan Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 -- Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Action OpenSpan.Studio.Shell.exe, location: E:\app\PegaRobotics\OpenSpan.Studio.Shell.exe, command: /setup

Digging a little deeper, I see this in a log file left behind on C:

[2017-08-02T17:49:14]: ================= Microsoft Visual Studio Setup Launcher log =================
[2017-08-02T17:49:14]: Start telemetry session.
[2017-08-02T17:49:14]: Commandline arguments:
[2017-08-02T17:49:14]: Loaded the config xml file
[2017-08-02T17:49:14]: Starting to match bundles on the machine.
[2017-08-02T17:49:14]: Didn't find matching bundle on the machine. Returning the default catch-all bundle from the config.xml
[2017-08-02T17:49:14]: Cannot locate the file in local path: C:\Users\admin\Downloads\115506_PEGARAS\ServicedSetupPayloads\OfflineCache\installers\VSU_14.0.25123\en\0\VS2015.2.exe. Going to download it from server Url.
[2017-08-02T17:49:14]: Preparing to download
[2017-08-02T17:49:14]: Starting to download file… to C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\e709a7b4-751d-4cca-8475-cd09b7a54bbe\VS2015.2.exe. Attempt 1
[2017-08-02T17:49:15]: BITS job completed.
[2017-08-02T17:49:15]: Successfully downloaded file… to C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\e709a7b4-751d-4cca-8475-cd09b7a54bbe\VS2015.2.exe
[2017-08-02T17:49:15]: Proceeding to execute C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\e709a7b4-751d-4cca-8475-cd09b7a54bbe\VS2015.2.exe
[2017-08-02T17:49:15]: Executing Process: Exe:C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\e709a7b4-751d-4cca-8475-cd09b7a54bbe\VS2015.2.exe Arguments: /originalsource "C:\Users\admin\Downloads\115506_PEGARAS\ServicedSetupPayloads\OfflineCache\installers\VSU_14.0.25123\en\0\VS2015.2.exe"
[2017-08-02T17:49:43]: Process exited with exit code: -2147205120
[2017-08-02T17:49:43]: Close telemetry session.
[2017-08-02T17:49:43]: Exit the application
[2017-08-02T17:49:43]: Exit code: -2147205120

I tried installing VS2015.2.exe myself, but it refuses to do so without Visual Studio already being present.

Looking over the installation document, I see that there is a required update -… - but I've confirmed that is already installed on this box.

I see instructions as well about downloading and installing .NET - but the document also says this is supposed to happen automatically (this machine can see the internet) so I don't want to head down that rabbit hole unless someone tells me why it didn't happen through regular setup.

Any help is welcome, thanks!

Eric Safern

Low-Code App Development Installation and Deployment Robotic Process Automation
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