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Posted: April 24, 2017
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Rolling back JMS transactions


In our project we have JMS listener and service related to this listener. Service creates work object and populates response.

The desidered behaviour is to send response even if the service fails, but database changes must be rolled back. The checkbox "Container managed transaction" on the JMS MDB listener rule is checked OFF. So we have bean management transaction. When an error occures during processing of the request we use Rollback activity method to discard database changes. But it causes rolling back of the JMS tranasaction also. Other side of jms interaction gets no response.

Such a configuration worked fine on Pega 6 before we migrated to Pega 7. I wonder if it's a misconfiguration of Pega rules, WebSphere settings and so on or bug in Pega 7?

We use Pega 7.2.1 and IBM WebSphere 8.5.

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