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Posted: April 5, 2018
Last activity: July 2, 2018

Routing a screen flow in middle of the assignments


We have a flow with a Routing to WB and a screenflow (with 3 assignments) following it. A user1 has picked the WO from the WB and the assignment moves to user1's WL. Now the WO has to be moved back to the WB and it has to be picked by another User2. The Screenflow has a routing to the Operator as parameter.

Options tried:

1. Transferring the WO to the WB and when the user2 picks the WO, on click of the Next button, moves the assignment to the user1 always.

2. Transferring the WO to the user2 WL. User2 works on the first form and on click of the NExt button, moves the assignment back to the user1 always


There is a screenflow parallel to the original flow and it has a Ticket to Reassign. But when traced, there is no information of the ticket and how it is routed to the initial user.

Please can anyone help one this.

Thank you

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