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Posted: April 30, 2021
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Posted: 30 Apr 2021 6:01 EDT
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RTE question on images and data-content-item records

For a new business requirement i am investigating/exploring the use of RTE controls in cases so end users can paste images in line with text hand have a more rich experience compared to plain text fields. The RTE input is then used to generate a PDF report as required outcome of the case. For this we aim to use the HTML2PDF functionality available in the platform. Adding images is one of the main requirements. There are two options provided by the standard available RTE control. 1 pasting inline or 2 using the upload image option. I noticed that the upload image option saves images as data-content-image record. As the data-content-image record itself does not have a reference to the case it is added in, i see a challenge in archiving the records to meet our data archiving policy. To avoid this i switched the image upload option off. However right click on a pasted image still provides access to the upload image menu in which a image can be uploaded but will be stored as data-content-image record. Is there a way to disable that right click menu option? (see attached screenshots). If this is not the case. Do you have an advice approach on how to archive/purge data-content-image records? We are using Pega platform version 8.4.3. Thanks in advance!  

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