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Rule Assembly Alerts (PEGA0037)


            I am at a customer site and the application is already in production.

We are consistently receiving PEGA0037 alerts. About 600 per day, The number is quite high since there are no rule changes in Production.

Moreover some of these alerts are taking up to 50 sec.

I have attached a snapshot of the Rule Cache Management for review.

Please let me know your thoughts/comments that would address the Issue.

Also below is a comment received from Gabe

"EGA0037 indicates a slow rule assembly. I don't believe it is related to the PropertyReference cache at all.

PEGA0037 is most commonly caused by a slow database (in which case you might also be seeing PEGA0005) and/or by a flood of assemblies. So you'd look at PAL to see what's happening, evaluate whether we need to use static assembly or some other way of avoiding or preloading those assemblies."

Did anyone tried static assembly and had any success ?RuleCacheManagement.PNG

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