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Rule cache deletion of a particular Rule in Pega 7.3.1


In Pega 7.1.* we have the SMA option of going to Rule Cache Management and providing the Rule Type and the Rule Name which gives details on the rule in cache.

Then we have also a provision to delete the entry for that particular rule from cache.

For Pega 7.3.1, most of SMA related major things are included in the Designer Studio itself. Hence we have ignored the option of SMA after we migrated. But such features like Rule Cache Management are not inside Studio and i am not sure how to go about it except going manually to database and clearing out cache tables and clearing entries in PegaTemp folder.

Is there a provision in Pega 7.3.1 to do this.

Also for other advanced features present in SMA , what are the alternatives provided with Pega 7.3.1 or do we need to again rely on SMA for it too.



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