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Rule resolution errors in pega 8.3 PROD instance.It works in non prod


We have pega 8.2.1 version in prod and non prod. Z OS as DB .

Observation1 : after recent upgrade form pega 7 to 8 ,we started to see rule resolution errors in PROD instance only .All of these rule are working in non prod

same when is found correctly in the same activity . why it is not found in prod ? Any to check for ?

ruleset stack ,AG are same .This is verified.

log error

Failed to find a 'RULE-OBJ-WHEN' with the name 'ISNOTUKAUTOANDNAMQV' that applies to '@baseclass'. There were 2 rules with this name in the rulebase, but none matched this request. The 2 rules named 'ISNOTUKAUTOANDNAMQV' defined in the rulebase are:

2 related to applies-to class '@baseclass', but were defined on subclasses: 'Chartis-FW-OneClaimCore-'.

Observation 2 : In a loop ,the pre ciondiiton has a WHen condition enabled .

It check for a Flag in the looping pages .

looping of Application page

for eg : myAccesspage.Countrylist

when is : .country=='US' then do property set

this code is failing evaluating the when on the property .country in PROD

the same is working in non prod

error is thrown like ..

Exception caught while evaluating when

java.lang.RuntimeException: Scalar query .countryCode on page '' of type 'Shared-Java-CASL20-JP-UserAppEntitlementCountryLOBType' using 0 parameter(s) ([]).

Any suggestion will help.


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