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Rule Resolution while having Multiple Branches in Application

Hello All,

Please note that we are implementing Branches to our application now since the no of Parallel development has increased.

However we have few concerns for the Rule Resolution in PEGA with multiple branches in it.


there is one common activity being saved and has changes done by developers, lets say in branch-1 and branch-2

In-case developer wants to test his changes using the Application portal and his rule resides in Branch-2, During Run time pega will pick rule from Branch-1 since the application hierarchy is like that(Branch-1 then branch-2)

how to resolve this situation?

-we have found out that dragging the branch up and down in the hierarchy can help you set the presidency however this is not a safer way

-also in some contents we saw that people discussed for creating AccessGroups which should contain branch-rulesets and those can be added to every operator relevant to the development team however we are not able to figure out a way to do this implementation.

Kindly help.



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