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Rulebase Load Failed

I am trying to install Pega 7.3 in Red had Linux using command line (I am using Putty for this)
I executed command java - jar PRPC_Setup.jar
Installation starts and I provided following details

JDBC Driver Class Name: [default:org.postgresql.Driver]
JDBC Driver JAR File: [default:] /usr/local/apache-tomcat-7.0.81/lib/postgresql-42.1.4.jar (This is path of jdbc file for postgressql)
Database JDBC URL: [default:jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/dbName]
Database Username: [default:]

Database Password: [default:]

Rules Schema Name: [default:]
PegaRULES (This I have aleady created)
Data Schema Name: [default:]
PegaDATA (this I have already created)

Now on pressing Enter below error is encountered

The Process Finished Unsuccessfully:Cant find acceptable TextField renderer in SimpleInputPageRenderer.renderPage:Class does not meet the contract for TextInputFieldRenderer:org.tp23.antinstaller.renderer.text.TestConnectionButtonRenderer
The Process Finished Unsuccessfully
Installation failed
Rulebase Load Failed

From below post I found it is error with Unix / Linux in passing parametrs

Please advice to how resolve this error

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