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Ruleset for Testing team

We are looking for ways to customise few rules in Test environments (System Test). This is completely different from the Pega Unit Test case/ ruleset.

Examples of rules : Customise the check as today where as in PROD it will be two months later etc..

We are looking for solutions to be used as part of testing scenarios by testing team in Test environment.

Our current approach:

We will have a separate ruleset for Testing Scenarios created in dev environment

Include this part of application stack - this should be higher in stack.

Developer will save the changes for testing in this new ruleset.

This ruleset will always be packaged as a separate file and will be deployed only in the lower environments. (Testing and not in Staging or Prod).

Is this a good way to approach the problem or does any one of you are following a better way?

Any help/pointers would be helpful.

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