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Rulestack structure for Robot Manager v5.1


We are using Pega Robotics as well as Pega Platform. Pega provides Robot Manager (currently version 5.1 as of today) but how we should configure the rulestack on Pega Platform is not so clear according to the configuration guide (…).

Basically Robot Manager consists of PegaRoboticAutomationConsole application which is built on AutomationPackageManager application which is built on PegaRULES application. Let's say, we have following application structure which is pretty simple and standard hierarchy - where exactly should we add PegaRoboticAutomationConsole application to?

<Current configuration>

<RM v5.1 configuration>

This way, PegaRULES application shows up twice in a diagram. Also, When Robotics UI is displayed, UI-Kit is not applied (Why didn't product team include UI-Kit just like Pega Express does)? I am feeling this could be a bit better but is this really the correct configuration that product team would expect? I actually wanted to have PegaRULES and UIKit under Robotics so it looks more straightfoward but Robotics application is locked and I was not able to change the stack.


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