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Harjinder Sidhu (HarjinderS3282)
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Posted: February 1, 2017
Last activity: February 2, 2017

Running BIX extract concurrently on multiple servers

Currently in our company, BIX script run on single Linux server every day but It taking 5 to 6 hours to run. Because of poor performance, We decided to divide our BIX script to run parallel on multiple server at same time. In production we have 25 BIX extract rules so we are planning to divide these 25 BIX extract rules across multiple servers. Our concerns are 1. Is BIX designed to run on only one server or Is it possible to run on multiple servers at a time? 2. Pega database is on single node so even if we divide BIX extract rules on multiple server still all Extract will point to same database. Is there any serious contention if we run long queries simultaneously against the one db/table?

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