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Bac Credomatic
Posted: October 30, 2017
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Running Dispute apps on Cloud.

Hi there.

I'm new with Pega Cloud Dispute. We bought the full solution for our enterprise.

I will be in charge of administrating the app in the Cloud Infrastructure.

I took all the courses related with the System Administration on the Pega Academy but I have several doubts, so I hope someone in this community can let me know where is the rigth documentation to help me response and understand the following questions:

Also, if you believe that I have to take another course from the Pega Academy apart from this link:[0]=role%3ASystem%20Administrator

that help me to manage the apps on Cloud more accurate, please let me know.

Thanks for all your feedback.


  1. I found this procedure in PEGA academy course SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION SPECIALIST Section 4,

The following steps, typically outlined in a release plan, are required to prepare for the deployent on the target system:

1. Obtain the deployment package from the repository.
2. Read the release document.
3. Perform a backup of the database.
4. If necessary, perform a backup of the node.
5. When the preparation is complete, the actual deployment can start.
6. Apply the environment changes as described in the release document.
7. Execute contents of the SQL file against the database.
8. Import the product archive file into the target system.
9. Copy the PegaRULES log file containing the import logs and store it for future reference.

but where can I see a full deployment process, a video or step by step manual? This procedure helps me but I need to know, see or at least have a manual for make a full deployment. Our develpment team is still working with a PEGA provider, but I don't want to wait until they are done to get involve and manage this process.

2. What happens when something is wrong with your deployment and you have to do a rollback? What are the steps to rolling back and restore your environment?

3. I want to read everything that I need to know related with kibana, PDC and SMA appliances for make a correct administration of the apps? Can you bring me the most complete links or ULR for each one of this?

4. How can I know what apps/rules needs to be running to dispute work correctly? The rules for Visa, Master, Amex, Where can I see if they are running? The FSIF 7.x, Smart Dispute Base 7.x, Smart Dispute Associaton Base 7.x and so on?

5. What are the most common error messages for this dispute solution? I see the logs for Catalina, prpc-application-logs-*, prpc-gateway-logs-*, but where can I find more detailed information for all logs and events? Memory leaks, out of memory, thead waitings?.

6. What are the steps for doing a correct tunning for Dispute or other apps ? Is there a tutorial, video or manual for this?

7. Right now, the only place where I see that I guess are the apps or running modules is in the SMA cosole Agents Management: Agents? Is here where I manage the existing apps?

8. What kind of resources will be needed to be configurated: JDBC, connection pools, memory for the app server? Where can I see them and manage them?

9 From the SMA console I only see 2 nodes: Bix_xxxxx and Web_xxxxx? What are they for: functions: app server, database?

10. How do I know if the DB needs tunning? is it only by running the System: Database / Optimize Schema actions from the Desinger Studio?

Best regards,

System Administration
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