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Swaminathan Gopalan (SwaminathanG8419)
National Account Service Company
Swaminathan Gopalan
National Account Service Company
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National Account Service Company
Posted: 4 weeks 1 day ago
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Running a DSM with another CDH application


Can someone please clarify if we can have a DSM Pega application running in the same instance that is also running a CDH application?

I did a small POC where i built a CDH application with a context dictionary and a simple DSM application with Data flow and strategy flows. Both the applications are running in the same host instance. I was able to get that running without any issues.

Will there be any issues that we run a DSM application in the same instance where a CDH application is running? Appreciate some information and feedback on this.

I did see a post where it was confirmed that only one CDH application can be run in one host instance. We cannot have multiple CDH applications running in one instance.



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