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Naveen Ravi (NaveenR9508)

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Posted: March 29, 2021
Last activity: March 29, 2021

Running Job scheduler on one node at a time

     Hi All,

For advanced agent configuration, we have two different options

Run this agent only on single node at a time – Even though multiple nodes are configured, agent will be run on one node at a time.

Any one associated node – Agent will run on only one node and ignore all other nodes.

For Job scheduler, I am unable to find the two equivalent advanced agent options for job-scheduler-rule, instead I see the below two options

To run the job scheduler on all nodes in a cluster, click All associated nodes.

To run the job scheduler on only one node in a cluster, click Any one associated node.

I am unable to find more information regarding job scheduler in pdn. It would be of great help if anyone help with running Job Scheduler on single node at a time in multiple node configuration

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