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Running node level data page is flushing data oage from all node

We are using Pega: 7.1.9. We have multi-node system, where we are running node level data page manually (Actions > Run) by not selecting "Flush All instances of data page". After successful execution, data page is available on current node only (where it was run). Instances of Data page from other node has been flushed. Our objective was to reload the data page on the current node only.

As I know, if we Flushing/Clearing a node level data page (Load Management > Clear Data Page), Pega will flush/clear data page instances from all nodes of a cluster. But here we are just running to reload the data page on a specific node. Why Pega is flushing Data Page from other nodes? Is running manually a Data page means Clear Data Page + reload? Any link/reference on Node Level data page synchronization will be helpful.

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