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Running PegaUnit Test suites with the Execute Tests service in Pega 7.4 clarification

I am following this article:…

My question is, in the article, it says LocationOfResults parameter. Can anyone explain me more about this.

Since it says that LocationOfResults is an optional parameter, so I didn't use it while configuring the job in Output response to file field.

In post build actions, when I enter **/*.xml in Test Report XML field, it gives an error '**/*.xml' doesn't match anything: '**' exist but not '**/*.xml'.
The job is failing at Post Build Actions.

Response Code: HTTP/1.1 200 
Success code from [100‥399]
Recording test results
ERROR: Step ‘Publish JUnit test result report’ failed: No test report files were found. Configuration error?
[Office365connector] No webhooks to notify
Finished: FAILURE

Also, the parameter, RunWithCoverage is set false by default. To make it true, should I pass it in the URL of HTTP request or is there a different way for it.


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