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Posted: September 26, 2019
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RunTime Error on PropertyValueInvalid (Invalid number format pegaToBigDecimal)

Is there OOTB function that I can use to determine Invalid number format ? I have a web form where a user is entering an invalid data type (for example :- user enters alphabet characters instead of numeric characters).

PEGA throws an 'is not a valid decimal value'

but I also get a run time error because I am doing a PostValue and running a DT of the posted value.

On the onChange event of this property I have a PostValue and a refresh of this section with a data transform that uses this entered property. As the invalid property is posted, the data transform that fires is picking up the wrong data type posted value and I am getting a run time error.

I see the following exceptions in the Tracer .pegaToBigDecimal() Invalid number format

Is there any Pega function that I can use on the Change event to determine if a VALID datatype is entered BEFORE I execute the Post value? I was not able to find pegaToBigDecimal() or Invalidnumberformat() or any OOTB functions.

I would like to check for a valid value before I do the PostValue and/or run the DataTransform? Any input from you would be appreciated.

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