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Shane Soderstrom (Shane Sody)
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Posted: July 1, 2019
Last activity: July 2, 2019

Runtime fails to create specific match rules on servers

When I run my bot on my local PC, the bot runs correctly. It's not perfect but it runs. I have several servers and a second PC that I am using with my bot solution. The issue that I'm running into, is that no matter what I do, the bot will fail to create a match rule. To better illistrate this issue I'll explain each issue. When I run the bot on the second PC, it will always fail to create this one match rule. I have tried everything from re-matching the rule in the automation to recreating and changing how the rule matches and it still fails. When I run the same solution on the first server the same issue happens but in a different location. I've attempted the same fixes with the same result. When I run it on the second server it is like the first two, but once again it happens in a different location. My question is, what am I doing different on each of these environments to cause something like this? What are likely causes? I believe that the issue to this problem is not the match rule or the bot, I just don't know what could cause this issue.

Robotic Process Automation
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