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SAE 8 Capstone Solution Build Issue

I am having a very irritating issue. I have restarted this solution build many times and have yet to find a solution. I keep getting stuck on the step referred to as US-111.

It is asking me to verify the log in information the user provides to see if there is an existing account. The steps start with me creating a report definition that is tied to the Rental Customer Data type. I then configure the report to contain the pyGUID, User Name, and Password columns. This is so I can filter the report by user name and password and compare it to parameters. Every time I try to implement the user name and password columns from the Login Credentials class it states ".LoginCredentials.UserName is Unexposed Property", "Unexposed properties cannot be selected for classes mapped to external tables", ".LoginCredentials.Password is Unexposed Property". I then go to the properties to optimize for reporting, which I can only do by right-clicking each property in the App Explorer and then hitting optimize and not through the property page. Even so, the report definition won't save because of the same errors. Please let me know what is going on! Exact steps are listed below.

US-111 Steps

  • In Dev Studio, add a report definition that queries the Rental Customer data type. Configure the report definition to:
    • Return the unique identifier field pyGUID.
    • Filter the report by user name and password using parameters as the values. (STUCK HERE)
    • Add a list data page called D_CustomerCredentialLookup to the Rental Customer data type sourced by the report definition you just created.
    • Create the same parameters in the data page as the report definition and pass these parameters to the report definition.

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