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SAE 8 Exercise system: Instructions I added to Assignments are not showing up.

I'm currently doing lesson 5 in part 3 of the System Architect Essentials Version 8 course (Case Management: Designing a case life cycle: How to add instructions to assignments). I've followed the instructions in the demo video to the letter, meaning I added instructions to the "Identify Home Office" step (Screen SAE 1), and the "Select Seating Location" step (Screen SAE 2). The demo video says the instructions should then be visible in the case flow, but the instructions I entered show up on neither of the steps I entered them on (Screen SAE 3 and 4).

Now, I noticed that the demo video seems to be on version 7.4, so I'm left wondering: is my problem caused by a version difference, and how can I account for this difference? Or am I doing something wrong?

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