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Posted: February 28, 2020
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SAE 8: US-111 Validate rule not being applied to Login properties

Good morning,

My current issue pertains to US-111 in the SAE 8 Solution Build. The customer must provide a Username and Password during the Login Step if they are an existing customer. Otherwise, if they are a new customer, they must enroll for a new account. If the end-user enters the UserName and Password and a match is not found, the end-user is to receive an error message noting that a username and/or password is not recognized.

I have created a report definition, a data page list using the report definition as a source, and applied a validate rule to the Login flow action rule. After all rules have been created and applied, I am still not receiving an error message when new customer login credentials are entered.

Below are detailed steps with what I have completed so far. I would like to know if there is a step I may have overlooked/done incorrectly, if I have entered the incorrect information, and/or what ways I can test this issue to determine what I may have done wrong.  Thank you! 

Customer Data Type 

Customer Data Type

1. I created a report definition CustomerCredentialLookup, returning the pyGUID identifier.  I filtered the report by UserName and Password. 

Customer Credential Lookup Report Definition

Customer Credential Lookup Parameter

2. After I created the report definition, I created a list data page D_CustomerCredentialLookup sourced by the report definition.  I created the same parameters as the Report Definition in the data page. 

List Data Page Customer Credential Lookup

Data Page Parameters

3. I created a Validate Rule 

validate rule


Validation Conditions validate rule function Validate Page and Class

4. I applied the validate rule to the flow action rule. 

Flow Action Validate


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