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SAML Config in Pega Infinity

We have a working SAML config in 7.2 and customized pyEstablishOperatorContext to provision Operators on the fly and also change the login access group of Operator. After upgrade to 8.1 we've noticed that the form for SAML config has changed and it allows to configure pre and post activities. However, unlike 7.2 it doesn't show which activity is called on login. We are trying to configure new SAML provider in Pega Infinity.

When the SAML process reaches post processing activity (configured on SAML auth) access group is already setup on pxThread and pxRequestor Pages. We need to change access group based on a query param on the url.

Could you provide some details on which all activities are called during SAML authentication or how can we debug it so that we can identify where to hook our code?

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