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sujata devarakonda (sujatad2)

sujatad2 Member since 2015 2 posts
Posted: August 13, 2019
Last activity: August 12, 2020

SAML SSO Authentication Activity


We are using PEGA 8.1.2 with SAML authentication to implement SSO.

As per our project requirement we wanted to create operator id on the fly based on the LDAP group info coming in the SAML request.We don't want to use the model operator configuration provided on SAML rule to create the operator id on the fly.

We wanted to use a table configuration where the LDAP group to access group mapping is provided to create operator id. We are looking to find the hook up point where we can have our custom logic to identify the access group and create the operator id.

In PEGA previous versions like till 7.4 v the customization can be done in the following activities. pySAMLWebSSOAuthenticationActivity and pyEstablishOperatorContext available at Code-Security class.

We have tried to trace the browser session to find out if the same activities are getting called but these rules are not getting called. Instead D_SamlSsoLoginInfo, D_SAMLAssertionDataPage and D_pzSSOAttributes these data pages are getting called.

Could you please confirm what activity is being called at the time of authentication. So that we can do customization to fulfill our project requirement.

Thanks in advance.

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