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Posted: January 16, 2017
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sax parse error: Content is not allowed in prolog in Pega 7.1.7ID

Hi All,

I am trying to connect to REST service and getting below error Caught unexpected exception mapping inbound data: Invalid clipboard stream detected in module, StorageStream). Reason: sax parse error: Content is not allowed in prolog. 

It is happening while i am mapping the response JSON to clipboard page ( Response_POST). If i try to map the response JSON to the text property (DefaultResponsePost in class structure mentioned below) on clipboard, I don't get this error and i can see valid JSON response in the text property.

Data structure is already in place as per the expected response.

Sample JSON Response : 

{"TransactionData":{"ErrorMessages":[{"ErrorCode":"102","ErrorMessageDetail":"Your ID is not authorized.","Type":"BusinessRuleValidation"}]}}


Class Structure :


Comp-FW-AppFW-Int-EndPointA ( Connect REST Applies to this class )

- Response (Comp-FW-AppFW-Int-Response)

           -DefaultResponsePost ( Text Property )

           -Response_POST ( Comp-FW-AppFW-Data-ResponsePOST)

                - ResponseID

                - TransactionData (Page of Another Class)

                    - ErrorMessages ( Page List of different Class)

                        - ErrorCode (Property )

                        - ErrorMessageDetail ( Property )

                        - Type ( Property )

Connect REST Response Mapped as


Map To : Clipboard

Key :  .Response.Response_POST

Data Integration
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