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Xavier Merlin (MERLX)
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Posted: June 1, 2018
Last activity: June 18, 2018

SCCA pratice exam question , struggling to find the right answer

The SCCA practice exam is listing the following question:
A bank wants to add a qualification process to an account opening case type. In this qualification process, users select the type of account to open by answering a set of questions. Once the user selects the type of account to open, the application advances to a second process to capture identifying information. Only after the user provides identifying information is the case saved to the database.

Which configuration option satisfies this requirement?

Configure a screen flow as the starting flow for the case.
Instantiate the case as a temporary case.
Defer the case save using the Obj-Save method.
Add a Persist Case shape to the starting flow.
Please note how you only have the choice of 1 answer (radio button).
The correct answer according to the practice exam is "Instantiate the case as a temporary case." I don't think this is enough as the requirement is clearly to also get the case saved in the database later on, hence the "Add a Persist Case shape" should also be selected (which is impossible).
Did I miss something?
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