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Scenario Testing Documentation to record screens and calculations

Would you share any documentation on capturing and defining different scenarios in “Scenario Testing” (UI based testing)? How to capture/record the declarative calculations and read-only fields?

For example: DueAmount, Surcharge and TotalDue fields are on screen. TotalDue is calculated declaratively by using declare expression (TotalDue = DueAmount + Surcharge). So, it’s been calculated and displayed read-only value on screen the moment values are entered in input amount fields. How to mention this calculation formula in Scenario Test Case?

Another scenario: DueAmount and Surcharge are entered in first screen and TotalDue is calculated in post transform and displayed read-only value in second screen.

What is configuration needed on TotalDue step in Scenario Test Case?

Pega Platform version: 8.1.2

I have gone through the below links which are useful in set up and start capturing the scenarios.

Pega Platform Low-Code App Development Testing Applications
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