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Ravi Gurram (GUrramRavi_VA)

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Posted: September 29, 2017
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Screen freezing if I use the finish assigment action set before open the object.

Hello All,

I have a requirement like...

From search results I am opening an approved object( example object A), there are few properties can be updatable in model window screen flow. after updating the object spin off a new object and display ID, and open that new object by clicking that new ID( example object B) button.

which is working perfectly fine..

But I need to close the model window( object A) once I open the new object ( Object B)from model... so I used finish assignment as new changes has to be reflect in object A.

Object B is opening in new screen but it is taking around 30 to 40 sec during the screen loading time if user click on object screen is freezing and application stopped responding and getting "Windows stopped responding" error on screen.

If I remove the finish assignment action set not seeing the same issue.

can some one help me how can we resolve this issue

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